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Compliance Basic Policies

MORITEX manages compliance obligations as the basis of business management and carries out corporate activities based on the following basic policies.

Scope of application
This basic policies are applicable to all of the employees and board members of MORITEX group, and MORITEX asks for understanding and cooperation from customers and business partners.

Legal compliance
・MORITEX carries out its corporate activities while complying with the domestic and international laws and social norm.

Respect for human rights
・MORITEX prohibits any of discrimination on the grounds of nationality, ethnic and race, religion, political beliefs, gender, origins, disabilities, ages and others.
・MORITEX prohibits any of harassment including sexual harassment and power harassment.
・MORITEX prohibits any of labor abuse and child labor involved in its domestic and internal corporate activities.

Antisocial organizations
・MORITEX assures that its employees and board members are not from antisocial organizations and MORITEX does not have any relation with antisocial organizations in its corporate activities.

Prohibition of Bribery
・MORITEX prohibits illegal bribery in its domestic and international business dealings.

Anti Bribery Guidelines

MORITEX sets and enforces following guidelines to prevent bribery in its corporate activities.

Scope of application
This guidelines is applicable to all of the employees and board members of Moritex group, and Moritex asks for understanding and cooperation from customers and business partners.

Prohibition of bribery
MORITEX conducts fair and unfettered competition and prohibits any of bribery and corruption.

System for prevention of bribery
MORITEX assigns its president and CEO as the compliance manager and establishes a propulsive structure for complying with anti bribery related regulations.

Education, whistle-blowing, and treatment on violator
MORITEX conducts anti-bribery education and provides access-friendly whistle-blowing system and develops preventive measures by dealing with the violator properly in case of occurrence of misconduct.

Financial record
MORITEX keeps books accurately reflecting the fact, and files related books properly as required by its company regulation.

Contact Information

MORITEX North America, Inc. California office

Add:6862 Santa Teresa Blvd. San Jose, CA 95119 U.S.A.



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