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Development of unique technologies and products from the reliable perspective obtained by ascertaining current trends and the needs of the market

MORITEX develops and sells a diverse range of key devices and systems supporting high tech industries, using unique technologies in fields including optical fiber, machine vision, automated optical alignment, ball lenses, optical lenses and software as its core technologies.

The Company is also conducting active research and development by boldly facing the challenges of entering promising growth industries.

Machine Vision

MORITEX is proud to have world's top share of Machine Vision industry for equipment of Semiconductor LCD or electronics parts and so on.

Machine Vision Lens

Telecentric Lens

It realizes high performance optical design and ease of use with seeking high contrast, very low distortion and hot spot reduction.

Bi-Telecentric Lens

It is high resolution design with corresponding 15 Field of Views and supporting 8 different sensor sizes. Also it has wide range of selection and is capable of fitting to many cameras available in the market, which is available for a variety of measurement applications.

FA Lens

We unified CCTV lens, macro lens and line sensor lens as FALens.
It shows the best performance for large format area and line sensor camera



CompaVis® employs the constant voltage control system that can be controlled not only dedicated LED controllers but also by direct power supplies of equipments.

Medical & Cosmetics

We offer custom-tailored and high value added skin counseling devices and integrated solutions to cosmetic, esthetic and beauty care industries.

Counseling Systems

Our skin counseling system with scope and sensor function in one unit enables evaluation of a variety of skin parameters. It is possible to shoot continuously the  photo of texture and dullness of skin by autofocus

Skin Scopes

Our skin scope evaluates brightness, pigmentation and texture of skin, which is also lightweight and handy styled

Skin Sensors

Our skin sensor analyzes sebum, moisture and elasticity of skin. You can see the result comparing average data of every 5 years old when to input your age.

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MORITEX North America, Inc. California office

Add:6862 Santa Teresa Blvd. San Jose, CA 95119 U.S.A.



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