FPD inspection equipment

FPD inspection uses high speed, high resolution line scan cameras in conjunction with image identification and inspection algorithms on the camera to scan the display panel, detect the surface and interior of the object, and evaluate the color performance and consistency. In order to inspected display area efficiency, FPD inspections utilize multi camera, lens, and lighting arrays operating at high speed to inspect multiple areas.
Line scan cameras are continuously improving resolution and speed to inspect tiny defects and patterns. TDI (Time Delay Integration) cameras capture an image by integrating the pixel column of the sensor over the movement of the object, thereby increasing sensitivity as it has multiple integration stages. As the light passes through the pixel sequence the signal will accumulate and the imaging speed will be very fast.
Due to the size and use-case, displays for VR/AR glasses require specialized optics for inspection. Similar to with flat panel, VR/AR displays also need to be inspected for correct color performance, color reproduction accuracy, and brightness uniformity. Each VR/AR model will have differing FOV angles that will require the correct corresponding FOV lens to properly inspect. As such, AR/VR displays require wide FOV CCTV lenses or specially designed front stop optical systems to properly inspect.

Recommended lens

Line scan lens ML-135/120/110 series

Recommended lens

  • Model name
  • Focal Length
  • F#
  • Max IF
  • OI
  • WD
  • Mag.
  • TV distortion
  • MTF
  • AR coating
  • Mount

  • Lens tube length
  • Weight
  • Relative illumination
  • Coaxial module
135 Series
  • ML-13538-82V70-033
  • 133.1
  • 3.8-22
  • φ82
  • 462
  • 0.330.27-0.39
  • -0.092
  • 3.5um~5um/130lp/mm
  • V70
  • 710
  • ML-13538-82V70-05
  • 134.8
  • 3.8-22
  • φ82
  • 329
  • 0.50.44-0.56
  • -0.092
  • 3.5um~5um/130lp/mm
  • V70
  • 743
120 high magnfication
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