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Most LiDAR detects distance by first emitting light and then detecting the time it takes to receive the reflected light. This presents challenges in optics for both the transmission lens and receiving lens. The transmission lens must have uniform light emission while the receiving lens must gather light and focus the light precisely on the sensor. There are a few methods LiDAR uses to transmit and receive light: mechanical, hybrid solid-state, flooded light array (FLASH), and others. Mechanical uses a rotating stack of lasers and mirrors to project a line of light to detect objects. Instead of rotating an entire stack of emitters, hybrid solid-state LiDAR uses a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) to control the emission angle of the laser. Unlike both mechanical and hybrid solid-state LiDAR which use lasers to scan the field of view, FLASH LiDAR uses an array of lasers to illuminate an entire area simultaneously. FLASH LiDAR is suitable for high-speed, real-time 3D mapping, which can measure multiple points at a time and is widely used in autonomous driving, robotics, smart cities and other fields. FLASH LiDAR requires a lens with high brightness (large aperture) and ultra-low stray light characteristics. Reducing stray light is an important technique for LiDAR lenses. Moritex uses optical design, internal construction, special zero reflection materials, and other technologies to achieve the requirements. As FLASH LiDAR illuminates a large area simultaneously, lenses must also be able to capture a wide angular field of view. To be suitable for automotive, the lens also needs to deal with temperature changes, humidity, vibration, water, dust, anti-fog, and other external environmental impact of durability. For temperature changes, the performance is guaranteed in -40~85 ° C (125 ° C in recent years).

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