LED Illumination LED Controllers

LED Illumination


▪ Provides image recognition at high contrast levels especially for images that are difficult to recognize with visible light
Enables the capture of an object surface more clearly than with visible light
Ideal for use with a UV light range CCD camera
▪ Effective in detection of dirt on glass substrates and dust on CCD elements
Peak wavelength of 365 nm for most models, 405 nm for the MCEL-CUV8-405 and MBRLCUV7530

Main Applications

• Metal surface micro inspection
• Fluorescence excitation

Model Description

  • Spec
  • MCEL-CUV8-405
  • Color
  • Ultraviolet
  • Maximum Rated Current (A)
  • 0.03
  • Internal Diameter/Dimension (mm)
  • -
  • External Diameter/Dimension (mm)
  • φ8
  • Light Emitting Part Dimensions
  • -
  • Weight (g)
  • 35
  • Product Type
  • coaxial
External View
Light Distribution Characteristics
Imaging Examples
Yogurt package
Image captured with a color CCD using white illumination   Image captured with a visible light (VIS) monochrome CCD camera using white illumination
Image captured with an IR-CCD camera using IR illumination   Image captured with a UV-CCD camera using UV illumination
The UV camera distinguishes and emphasizes printing patterns that are difficult to make out with IR cameras.
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