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MORITEX Corporation ("MORITEX") has a deep awareness that the personal information of customers is important information for privacy, and promises to appropriately handle and ensure the protection of personal information provided by customers.
MORITEX will take the necessary steps for protecting the privacy of visitors to the MORITEX Website within a scope deemed to be reasonable.
As a member of Cognex, we also follow the privacy policy of Cognex: https://www.cognex.com/privacy-policy
Some of the services on the Website require highly confidential information (credit card numbers, etc.) from customers, and such information is protected using methods including encryption.

1.Personal Information

The personal information of customers refers to information that can be used to identify a particular individual, such as the name, address, date of birth, telephone number or e-mail address of a customer.

2.Provision of Personal Information

Customers may use most of the services on the Website without disclosing any personal information. If a customer does not wish to provide personal information to MORITEX, the customer may decide to refuse to provide such information. However, certain services may not be able to be used if personal information is not provided by the customer.
* MORITEX may ask customers for personal information for the purchase of products or the registration of services. MORITEX shall carefully handle the personal information provided in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
We may ask for the following types of personal information:
MORITEX may ask for each customer's name, postcode, address, telephone number, e-mail address, financial institution account numbers and credit card numbers in order to provide and confirm products and services, and to conduct billing.
We may ask for each customer's age or date of birth, sex, occupation, employer information, areas or products of interest, subscribed magazines/ newspapers and services used in order to improve products and services and deliver relevant information.

3.Use of Personal Information

Personal information provided by customers will not be used for anything other than purposes explicitly stated to customers in advance or contacting customers. In some services (confirmation of application for and delivery of purchased or registered products and services) we may ask for and use personal information, but we will explicitly state the necessity of personal information and have it provided with the consent of the customer.
For the customers in EEA including EU
Based on GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ), we will ask them to agree to transfer their personal information to outside of EEA.
In this manner, if it is necessary to use personal information beyond the explicitly stated purpose when personal information is provided by a customer, we will notify the customer of the purpose in advance. If consent cannot be obtained for the new purpose, the customer may decide to refuse the use of personal information for the relevant purpose.

4.Nondisclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

MORITEX will not disclose registered personal information to third parties except in the following cases.
When consent is obtained from the customer.
When disclosing to the extent necessary to an affiliate or outsourcer of MORITEX that has concluded a nondisclosure agreement in advance for a purpose explicitly stated to the customer.
When using as statistical data processed in a way that individuals cannot be identified.
When a legally binding request has been received from a judicial organ or an administrative organ in accordance with the law.
When it is reasonably determined to be necessary in order to protect or guard the rights, property or safety of MORITEX and the customer.
* When settling payment for products and paid services, personal information may be exchanged with financial institutions. This is to confirm the legitimacy of financial institution account numbers and the validity of credit card numbers.

5.Strict Management of Personal information

Information input at moritex.com is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in order to ensure security when sending customer information.
MORITEX will strictly manage personal information provided by customers, and implement strict security measures by implementing measures necessary and appropriate for preventing unauthorized access to personal information and the loss, damage, modification and leakage of personal information. Personal information is stored in a secure environment that cannot be accessed by general users.


The MORITEX Website may use cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information (text files) sent from the web server, and may be stored as files on the customer's disk. By using cookies, it is possible to record which pages have been visited by a user. Furthermore, services may be provided by combining cookies with information registered by users on membership-based sites, etc. MORITEX primarily uses cookies for the following purposes:
To modify the content of the website and e-mails to better satisfy the customer, and to customize it to match individual customers.
To provide services that match the interests of customers.
* You can refuse to accept cookies in your browser settings. Please understand that the Website cannot be properly used in such cases. Ask your software producer for details on how to configure your browser.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

The customer is responsible for using the MORITEX Website.
We cannot be held liable for security of personal information on other websites linking to the MORITEX Website. Moritex shall not be held liable in any way for any damages arising as a result of using various information obtained from other websites.

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MORITEX North America, Inc. California office

Add:6862 Santa Teresa Blvd. San Jose, CA 95119 U.S.A.



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